The internet is crowded, noisy and cluttered. So how do you cut through and stand out from the crowd?

Content is key if you want to be a successful brand marketer. A brand without content only isolates their intended audience, pushing them to the competition.

Consumers buy into you, before they buy from you, so building trust and authority as a leader in your field is more important than ever. In fact, around 96% of consumers say they trust a brand more if they have quality content on their site, and view three to five pieces of content before engaging with the brand.

Here are 9 reasons you need content today

  1. Cost effective communication
  2. Build trust and authority
  3. Keep your audience informed
  4. Increase your SEO performance
  5. Increase site traffic
  6. Generate leads
  7. Increase direct sales (skip the middle man)
  8. Content is incredibly versatile
  9. People buy into you, before they buy from you

1. Cost-effective communication

Content marketing can save you up to 62% in costs versus traditional marketing, making it one of the most cost-effective strategies you can deploy. Good content will not only draw people to your site and allow users to interact with your brand (even if they were not looking for you), it will keep readers on your site longer, building trust and authority. The smaller one-off cost to create evergreen content will have long-term benefits and gains for your business.

Why we need #content reason 1 – Cost-effective communication – #contentmarketing is up to 62% lower in cost than traditional #marketing.

2. Build authority & trust in your brand

The best way to position yourself as an industry leader and authority in your field is to create useful, relevant, engaging and well-crafted content. Content should be targeted to your audiences’ wants and needs and not be a sales pitch. If the subject resonates with your audience and answers their questions, then come time to purchase, your brand will top-of-mind as an authoritative leader on the subject.

Why we need #content reason 2 – Build authority & trust in your brand. Approx 95% of consumers say brand content builds trust. #contentmarketing

3. Keeping your audience informed

Most consumers perform over 20 online searches before they interact with a brand. Regardless of your product or service, your audience needs content in all parts of their buying journey and decision-making process. The more you keep your audience informed in all stages of the buyer journey, the more they will remember you, trust you, and keep your brand top-of-mind.

NOTE: Don’t fall into the trap of self-promotion and sales only content. Remember, people don’t care about you or your service, they only care if you can help them answer their needs. Use a soft-handed approach by talking with your audience, not at them.

Why we need #content reason 3 – Keep your audience informed. Buyers avg 20 searches before purchase, give them a reason to remember you. #contentmarketing

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4. Search Engine exposure

Through the correct and careful use of keywords and links in your content, your ranking in search engines may improve and cement you as an authority in your field. But remember, it’s never that simple. If you just keyword stuff your content you will be overlooked, or even penalised by search engines. But, create useful and relevant content that helps answer a user question, then you will be looked on favourably by both search engines and your audience.

Why we need #content reason 4 – #SEO – the more (useful/relevant) content you have, the more search engines will see you as an authority. #contentmarketing

5. Increase traffic to your site

The more useful and relevant content you have on your site, the more traffic you will attract. But, that content needs be useful and relevant to the reader (see point 4 above). With clever use of high-quality content, not only will you be found in search engines, but readers will be encouraged to share it and more important, remember it when it comes time to purchase. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, but when crafted in the right way, it will deliver results for a long period of time.

Why we need #content reason 5 – Increased site traffic – more visitors, more chance to convert readers to buyers. #contentmarketing

6. Generate leads

Ask any boss, and all they want is more leads and more sales. Content comes in many forms and can be a great way to nurture your warm leads into buyers. According to Curata, around 78% of prospects have downloaded white papers to help inform their purchase decision. The trick is to be in ALL stages of your buyer journey to help support and nurture them along the way. Because if you’re not, your competition will be.

Why we need content reason 6 – Generate leads. If you’re not in all stages of your buyers journey, your competition will be. #contentmarketing

7. Increase direct sales

If your product or service relies on third parties to help generate revenue, then using content as a draw for people to your website can help boost direct sales and cut out the middle man. By drawing people to your brand direct, it not only positions your brand as a leader with authority, but it could remove commissions and other associated charges, which can then be used to create more content!

Why we need #content reason 7 – Increase direct sales. Cut out the middle man, increase direct sales, decrease costs. #contentmarketing

8. Content is incredibly versatile

Content can be incredibly versatile. Most marketers say they repurpose content three to five times. If you have a great piece of content, then Gremlin it in multiple ways. Can it be repurposed into a white paper, or a video script, podcast, case study, e-book or any other form of content that makes sense for your audience? All of which will help feed your social media calendar.

Why we need #content reason 8 – It’s incredibly versatile. Marketers repurpose content 3-5 times on average. Gremlin your content into many forms. #contentmarketing

9. People buy into you, before they buy from you

Think of your own buying habits. Before you part way with your hard earned cash, you want to know you can trust the brand you are dealing with. Building authority and trust is the only way to have a long term relationship with your customer. The more information you can share with your audience, the more they will trust your brand with their purchase. Consumers want, if not demand, to be educated and well informed on a subject before purchasing and as a brand, it’s your job to ensure they buy into you, before they buy from you.

Why we need #content reason 9 – People buy into you, before they from you. #contentmarketing


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