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When it comes to content – it’s all about the story. But there is a difference between good content, and great content.

Savvy audiences demand great content every time. They’re time poor, they have incredibly high expectations, and they expect their questions to be answered the first time, every time, and there is certainly no room for mediocrity.

There are many reasons why we need content and countless forms of content to choose from – it’s no longer just simple website copy or a blog articles they’re seeking. Videos, white papers, digital magazines, user-generated content, eBooks, case studies, podcast, testimonials, microsite, social media – these are all forms of content that could be useful and compelling to your audience. The trick is in finding the right one for yours.

The internet is cluttered and noisy. To stand out from the crowd, your content needs to position you as the industry expert and authority in your field. Brands can no longer be equal to their competition; they need to be better.

When creating content, consider which of these four pillars it falls into.

The four content pillars

  1. Market Leader
  2. Thought provoker
  3. Trusted Advisor
  4. Authority Leader

1. Market leader

Who wants to be the same as their competitor? Don’t be part of the crowd, stand out from the crowd. With so much information available at our fingertips, your audience wants to know why your product or service is better than your competitors and how your story is unlike anyone else.

Become a market leader by delivering consistent, useful and relevant information on your product or service that not only helps answer your user’s questions, but speaks with them when in their own stage of the buyer journey.

To be a market leader in #content, don’t be part of the crowd, stand out from the crowd. #contentmarketing

2. Thought provoker 

Write to engage with your audience so they hang onto every word. Impart your wisdom with them and consider ending your story with a question to provoke people into commenting (which attracts social and search engine attention).

Write about what your speciality is and ensure your content is of value to the reader, not a poorly disguised sales pitch.

Write to engage your audience with valuable content, not a poorly disguised sales pitch. #contentmarketing

3. Trusted advisor 

Guide your audience through their decision making and sales process, and continue to offer value for the life of the product with useful and relevant content, even after the sale.

Using great content to be part of the buyer journey is imperative, but don’t forget about retention. You worked super hard to get them to buy from you, so don’t forget about them by continuing to serve them awesome, inspirational content.

How to be a trusted advisor – guide your audience through their buyer journey with useful, relevant #content so they remember you. #contentmarketing

4. Be the authority

It’s probably clear by now – to build loyalty and trust with your audience, you must produce consistent, high-value content that is relevant and useful to the reader.

Remember, people don’t care about you or your service or product, they only care if you can help answer their questions and provide a solution to their needs. Do this by being an authority in your field and standing out from the noise and clutter.

People don’t care about you or your product, only if you can answer their questions. Build trust and authority with useful #content. just for them. #contentmarketing


  • People buy into you, before they buy from you
  • Build trust and loyalty with your audience
  • Give them a reason to remember you and come back time and time again
  • Stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise and clutter
  • Content is not easy, but has long lasting rewards.


Published by Jason Dutton-Smith

An award-winning publisher, content marketer, strategist, writer and public speaker. Founder of and when at home, chief tea maker.


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